Information crimes

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Cybercrime is a bigger threat now than ever due to the huge number of people connected to electronic devices, but what exactly is it? In short, it is simply a crime related to the theft of personal data, infringement of copyright, forgery, child pornography, or electronic stalking. Cybercrime covers a wide range of different attacks and is defined briefly as “any crime committed using a computer network or computer device, and there is a form A common type of cybercrime is phishing, where the victim receives a supposedly legitimate email with a link leading to a hostile website. Once you click on the link, your computer can then be infected with a virus, a type of cybercrime that is much more serious and covers things like hazing, child trafficking, extortion, stock market manipulation, sophisticated corporate espionage, and planning or carrying out terrorist activities.

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Course objectives

Through the Cybercrime and Electronic Forensic Course, the Institute aims to achieve the following objectives:

Introducing participants to the technical, legal and social issues related to cybercrime.

Discuss the operation of computers and the Internet, address the origins and extent of cybercrime, responses from legal systems to cybercriminals, and the social impact of cybercrime.

Analyze the causes of cybercrime from cultural, cross-cultural, and social perspectives.

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